Our Approach

We will operate with Integrity while building Trust upon a foundation of Truth. These are our core three values that will be part of everything we build our collective efforts on.

​Whole Vet is lead by a team dedicated to excellence, service, and integrity. Our team brings their unique skills, talents, and experience to build a dynamic organization focused on our military and veteran clients.

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We are Committed to Serving You

Whole Vet recognizes that our military families serve our country and have unique challenges. Our mission is to serve those who are currently serving our country in the US Military, National Guard and Reserves, and those who have served.

Our focus is guiding active military members and their families through the first two years of transition into civilian life. While our programs are largely tailored to those transitioning out, we will never turn away a veteran in need of what we offer. In addition to those transitioning out of the military, we serve National Guard and Reserve service members and their families as they look to progress and enhance their already-existing civilian careers.

Whole Vet was founded out of a love for those who serve and sacrifice to preserve the freedoms we enjoy in the United States of America.  We thank you for your service to our country and to our families!