Since 2010 our team has been involved in corporate transition events as we hosted transiting military service members, National Guard and Reserves, spouses, and caregivers. 

This has proven to be life-changing for all involved.  As we, and the vision, have grown we have come to realize that it is very important to do all we can in helping veterans find jobs, but also we realize that a person’s life encompasses much more than a job.

To that end, our Family Transition Days  will build upon the transition events we have led in the past to also include information about and introduction to Family Programs to focus on Marriage andYouth programs. 
Family Transition Days consists of speakers and panelists that are veterans and non-veterans.  

Topics covered by our speakers and panelists include:

The personal transition story of someone that faced their own transition from active duty to a civilian career and how they got from wearing their military uniform to now performing their civilian duties
Panels focused on Professional Development, Continuing Education, and Entrepreneurship
Keynote speakers with valuable information and inspiration to go forth and build a great Life

Family Transition Days would not exist without the participation of great companies that believe in YOU – our veteran and active duty families!!!  At eachFTD will be representatives of local companies to share with you the culture of their companies, how to engage for potential employment, and to answer questions regarding their company.  They are there because they CARE!

These days will be held at military bases as well as other specified locations as we are focused not only on active duty military but also National Guard and Reserve families.

Family Transition



We all agree that the Youth of today are the Leaders of tomorrow.  Many of our youth are inundated with negative messaging and poor role models through the media, social media, and even their own friends and family.  At Whole Vet, we are building Whole Youth programs to reach our military youth and ensure they get the right messaging – you have greatness inside of you, you are capable and able, you are a leader, and you are valued and needed by your family and our great nation.  These programs will be introduced at the military bases and other events as we hold Family Transition Days.

At Whole Vet, we are in this for the long haul.  We have the vision, diligence, and steadfast resolve to see success realized in the lives of every Whole Youth. Whole Vet has teamed with The General H. Hugh Shelton Leadership Center, housed at NC State University, to lead our Youth Programs.

At Whole Vet we realize that marriages in America are under attack from all angles –  financial challenges, sickness, unresolved issues of all sorts, and the general pressures of life.  All of these can be compounded for active duty and veteran families.  When one person serves, the Whole Family serves, including the spouse and children.   Our goal is simple – to do what we can to bring fulfillment, prosperity, and healing to the Whole Veteran Family.  You deserve it!

To that end, we will partner with proven organizations to provide access to marriage retreats and conferences that will allow marriages to be fulfilled, restored, and enjoyed.  We know it is possible as we have seen it proven in the lives of ourselves and others.  You are valuable to each other and to us!  We do this simply because we appreciate you and love you.