At Whole Vet we realize that marriages in America are under attack from all angles; financial challenges, sickness, unresolved issues of all sorts, and the general pressures of life.  All of these can be compounded for active duty and veteran families.  When one person serves, the Whole Family serves, including the spouse and children.  

With this in mind, Whole Vet's future includes building programs to serve the needs of transitioning families. 

We are pursuing partnerships with proven organizations, and, as always, the community the support to provide access to the services that will allow marriages to be fulfilled, restored, and enjoyed. 

Our goal is simple – to do what we can to bring fulfillment, prosperity, and healing to the whole family. 



Whole Vet's future objectives also include providing support for the children of transition service members. We all agree that the Youth of today are the Leaders of tomorrow.  Many of our youth are inundated with negative messaging and poor role models through the media, social media, and even their own friends and family. 

Whole Vet will team with community efforts and organizations like the General H. Hugh Shelton Leadership Center, to develop youth programs designed to inspire, enlighten and grounded in the shared values of our community.